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BENTISM Refrigerant Recovery Recharge Machine Fully Automatic for R134a & R1234yf

BENTISM Refrigerant Recovery Recharge Machine Fully Automatic for R134a & R1234yf

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Product Description

All-in-One Refrigerant Recovery Machine
BENTISM multifunctional integrated refrigerant recovery and recharging machine cover vacuum pumping, filtration, recovery, and recharging. The use of advanced intelligent control technology makes the operation more refined. With advanced control technology and full automation, your work efficiency is sure to skyrocket.
PAG/POE/Waste Oil Bottles
Equipped with three strongly sealed oil bottles, it is not easy to leak, and the scale on the bottle helps to accurately fill PAG and POE oil.
Quick Connectors
With 1234yfHP, LP quick connectors and 123aHP, LP quick connectors, you can start operating through the interface tutorial without complex hose connections.
Quick Cooling, Stable Operation
The quick-turning cooling fan has strong cooling performance, which keeps the recovery process running stably without overheating.
Easy to Move
The recovery machine is equipped with two large directional casters and two lockable universal casters, which allows you to move it to different locations at will.
High Efficiency
Our recovery and recharging machine uses a high-quality compressor with 1000W high power, providing strong and stable operation for a long time.
Automatic Cleaning and Filtering
It has built-in dryer, filter, and cleaning pipeline functions, effectively guaranteeing the cleanliness and purity of the refrigerant during every operation.


Product Dimension24.4 x 29.1x 53.1 in / 620¡Á740¡Á1350 mm
Net Weight269 lbs / 122 kg
Voltage120V 60Hz
Recovery Rate¡Ý95%
High Pressure Protection261 psi / 18 bar
Low Pressure Protection7.25 psi / 0.5 bar
Recycle Speed Rate0.7 lbs/min (Recovery) ; 2.6 lbs/min (Filling)
Operating Temperature-4 ¨H-140 ¨H / -20¡æ-60¡æ

Package Content

3 x Oil Bottle (300ml)
2 x Repair Quick Connector (4 PCS)
1 x Wrench
1 x Power Cord
Hose x 2
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