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Nexen N Fera SU1 UHP 27525R24 96Y XL Passenger Tire

Nexen N Fera SU1 UHP 27525R24 96Y XL Passenger Tire

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Designed for use on performance-oriented coupes and sedans in warmer weather conditions Built with three main grooves and one semi-groove that enhances handling on wet roads by funneling water out of the tire Stiff shoulder blocks evenly distribute road pressure for a longer tread life while also enhancing cornering performance Engineered with optimum split surface siping which increases traction and grip on wet and dry roads by creating additional biting edges Backed by Nexens Total Coverage Warranty, which includes a tread life warranty, Road Hazard Replacement warranty for 2 years or the first 3/32 of the tire, a 45-day trial period, and 36 Months of Roadside Assistance Size275/25R24 Load RangeXL Product May Vary From Picture Wheel/Rim Not Included

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