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Oval White Faux Marble Topped Pedestal Dining Table

Oval White Faux Marble Topped Pedestal Dining Table

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If need a SMALL FOOTPRINT table but comfortable for 4-6 people, this 60 x 35.5 ?OVAL table is a great choice. The high-grade MANUFACTURED WOOD is laminated with the gorgeous marble foil paper. We selceted this marble pattern foil pater from more than 20 options, this is the most NATURAL and romantic look. The PEDESTAL design FREES UP leg space, making it easy to gather chairs around and people have ROOMY space to put their LEGS in any COMFORTABLE POSITION. The rounded HEAVY DUTY metal base offers SUBSTANTIAL foundation. The neat BEVELLED EDGE provides a smooth finish, making it a SAFER option for those with kids. ??


To protect top better, this table is delivered in 2 boxes, one for top and one for leg.?

The base is rounded with rubber ANTI-SCRATCH rubber plastic ring to protect your floor.?

The pedestal design make sure all the people around table have enough space to put their legs in any comfortable positon.

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